Ten undergraduate students are presenting their capstone projects through the Digital Arts Senior Showcase. These projects include a combination of many skills these students have learned through their experience in the Digital Arts program such as web development, graphic design, and both 2D and 3D animation. 

Kiana Bonilla: This project will utilize skills in user experience, user interface, and graphic design to create a WordPress site framework for a social media platform geared towards mental health and wellness for women. On this social media platform I will provide methods of peer support and bonding through mutuality alongside wellness resources and an infographic on the positive effects of peer support.

Noah Cahan: This project focuses on creating a website through WordPress to sell photography on decorative prints, such as canvas or metal. These photos will consist of landscape and ocean-scape oriented styles taken around Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach.

Wil Fell: Through the use of animation, famous artworks are being brought new life. This project explores and explains what techniques the most influential artists used when creating their masterpieces and showcases how Western Art has changed over human history. A simplified history of art from Ancient Greece to the 20th Century, will be condensed into this animated video.

Paige Haizlip: This project is an ad campaign for the Crayola Company focusing on their sustainability projects. The ad campaign includes an extended logo, a 2D poster, infographic, and a webpage to brand the green initiative. This project was created using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and AfterEffects.

Carolyn Hellman: I will be researching the health & lifestyle differences of American and Italian culture. From this research, I want to identify certain habits to put into practice that will contribute to a long lifespan. Once my research is complete, I hope to create visual representations of my findings on a custom-built website. On top of this, I want to make a short, animated film from hand-drawn digital illustrations.

Carley Huffman: My project focuses on embracing and appreciating the environment through sustainable architecture. I will show how homes and communities can be built efficiently and the positive impacts that will have on the environment.

Maddie Kelley: An online quick guide to learning ASL and politely interacting with deaf or hard of hearing individuals. Using a collection of 2D and 3D assets, this website showcases a variety of tutorials to allow for easy learning. This will educate users on proper technique while avoiding common mistakes.

Kenzie Kimrey: Visual representations of the growth and transformation of children’s education. Discover the importance of children’s psychological and physical growth when provided with the right materials and education through my new website “The Teacher’s Apple”, an animated infographic, and a comic strip with a new children’s fictional character!

Olivia Lee: Developing an online presence for a local general contracting company. This project includes the development of a user-friendly website, a portfolio of past and current work, and a redesign of the logo and associated branding. My research is focused on the benefits of having an online presence as a business and the most efficient ways to utilize the internet for company growth.

Joi Valle-Davis: Voodoo is the topic I will be exploring throughout this project. Using photography, adobe editors, and my web design skills I will eradicate the negative stigma around Voodoo. I will show the true beauty of the religion by creating a photography series along with an education website.

About the Digital Arts Program

The Digital Arts program at UNCW is an interdisciplinary major lying at the intersection of Art and Computer Science. Students in this program will be trained to have a deep understanding of both individual fields as well as the fusion of the two. You will develop technical, aesthetic, analytical, and problem-solving skills.