Six undergraduate students are displaying the annual Digital Arts Showcase. The exhibit will showcase the technical skills developed by the students throughout the program and will consist of 2D and 3D graphic design, client based work, animation and game design. 

Trish Beeksma: A 3D animation created with Maya that focuses on character modeling, rigging, and animation. The animation includes a short story that displays swing dancing through a series of solo jazz moves.

Rilee Knott: An animated short film inspired by a piece of poetry. The 2-D film is illustrated frame-by-frame using Adobe Photoshop and AfterEffects, features original narration and music. Emphasis is placed on the effect of color on mood and tone.

Kim Nguyen: A virtual classroom and webcomic exploring the subject of Sequential Art on digital platforms. Classroom modules explore essential topics such as storyboarding, background art, and publishing. Webcomic is based on a personal story of a Vietnamese refugee escaping from war and living life having to hide her Queer identity.

Marshal Nugent: The development of educational material for the company Parker Ionics. The project consists of a redesigned PowerPoint presentation using motion graphics designed in Adobe AfterEffects and a 3D model constructed in Blender. The material created will be used to educate Powder Coating technicians on Pulse Power products.

Dylan Peeler: An animation and digital forum to help children dealing with anxiety due to the coronavirus. The animation will explain different ways for dealing with anxiety while creating relatable characters. A website will be created to give children an outlet to express their nervousness with their peers.

Robert Yates: A turn-based video game made through unity. Explores game design with pixel art and unique game mechanics. Includes a story that can change based on player choices.

About the Digital Arts Program

The Digital Arts program at UNCW is an interdisciplinary major lying at the intersection of Art and Computer Science. Students in this program will be trained to have a deep understanding of both individual fields as well as the fusion of the two. You will develop technical, aesthetic, analytical, and problem-solving skills.