Hanna Keshk

My project is to create an animation about my time in the hospital during the summer. The animation is about putting together a 1000-piece puzzle to show commitment in finishing the puzzle and cooperation among people. I have all the pieces necessary to create an animation: 3D characters 3D modeled and rigged, the 3D environments fully done, and a script about mental health talks (fear, commitment, and gratitude). The reason I decided to do this project is that when I was there, all I saw there was people who are broken and don’t have healthy coping skills. For example, I met a person there who was tough on the outside, but they were actually a teddy bear who enjoy coloring mandalas. That’s where the DBT Skills (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) come in. I’ve included some of the skills in the conversation to show that there are healthy ways to cope with thoughts and emotions.

There’s no such thing as a bad or good thoughts or emotions. Imagine them as roommates. We cannot avoid roommates no matter how much we try. All we can do is face it and move forward.

There are a few static images of the animations that show the characters interacting with each other and putting the puzzle together. I’ve created the puzzle image in Adobe Illustrator. I decided to go with the butterfly image, because butterflies represent transformation and drastic change. I’ve had a drastic change this year, trying to figure out who I am and being more aware about mental health by educating myself and learning DBT skills.

In the future, I will be putting all of this together to turn it into an animation.

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