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Marshall Nugent

Parker Ionics Presentation
Digital media is constantly evolving. It is important for a company to stay current with their media and how they present themselves in every avenue. Parker Ionics is a leader in Powder Coating technologies. Enhancing education practices will benefit the company in customer satisfaction, education, reputation, and revenue. This can be maximized with digital media. Knowing the company is familiar with PowerPoint. I wanted to implement the latest features that the program offers in order to amplify presentation capabilities. A new feature is being able to import 3D models. I decided to create a 3D model of the GX131 powder gun using the software, Blender. In addition to the 3D model I wanted to add life to the diagrams in the presentation. Adding motion to a complex diagram helps grab the audience attention and have a better understanding of the material being presented. Like the motion graphics created in After Effects. PowerPoint offers simple slide animations such as morph and zoom to create a unique effect to the slides.

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