Victoria White

ALVIN Submarine VR Simulation 
Many have wished to explore the vast depths of the ocean within the confined spaces of a submarine, but only a few have had the opportunity to experience it firsthand. Fortunately, virtual reality gives us the opportunity to create a world where anyone can pilot their own submersible. The submarine in this project is based off the a real submarine created by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution’s (WHOI) in Falmouth, MA. ALVIN is a research submersible that is own by the U.S. Navy and operated by WHOI for the use of collecting data of on life in the ocean.  

The intent of this project is to create an interactive, VR experience in the ALVIN submarine. The simulation begins with the submersible in complete darkness with a and on a single monitor on, displaying multiple interviews of pilots and researchers who have worked in on ALVIN. Once the interviews have finished ALVIN will powers up. The monitors will then display a rotating symbol of the WHOI logo while the player waits for the ALVIN to finish turning on. After they finish loading, the monitor on the left will displays the location of ALVIN in the environment, the center one will displays the oxygen levels and the overall health of the submarine, and finally the right one monitor shows the location of the ships on the surface of the water. While exploring this VR experience, you will observe and the participant will learn how to operate / pilot ALVIN and while also learning about marine wildlife.  



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