Trevor Tackett

Trials of the Nyne – Puzzle/Adventure Game

I wanted to create a simple game that allowed users to explore a fresh, fictional landscape with different areas of interaction. This was supposed to be a way to create a framework or template to build a virtual museum that showcased the lore of a Dungeons & Dragons game that I am running. I wanted to build something that I could use to create these for other people who might be interested but don’t have the time or expertise to create their ideas.

Since my initial idea, I have transformed my project from a simple museum emulator to a puzzle-based exploration game. My new idea was a five-puzzle game that required the user to complete a puzzle on each of the five ‘playable’ islands. Each puzzle would conclude with a piece of the story once they are finished. I managed to keep some aspects of my museum idea of an information panel and then add the puzzles on that framework and once you finish those five puzzles you should be taken to a final puzzle that wraps up the story of the game.

It was easy to dream big, but time and skill constraints required me to push an unfinished project. Overall, I like where it is, and I have a ton of work I want to continue on it. I hope you have fun when playing in this environment that I was able to create with limited skill and knowledge with Unity.

I have attached two file types for download: One for Mac and One for Windows. In order to play the MAC file, make sure you right-click, press open, and then press open again.

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