Taylor Meckes

Project OceanUpKeep

The purpose of OceanUpKeep and this project is to create awareness and change behavior of the public regarding the use of plastic and any other items that become a pollutant to marine life. This semester I will be creating visual representations of the need for better and smarter behavior when it comes to beaches and our oceans. I plan on creating a website along with a social media account to display these graphics. I also plan on making posters, GIF’s, and infographics to help persuade my audience to think about their actions. I will be meeting with a selected audience of Environmental Science students and graduate students along with people in the public to collect data for my project. This project explores:

  • Facts about ocean pollution
  • Visual displays of information collected from websites and first-hand accounts of the effects of pollution in the ocean
  • Create branding and logo design for the title of OceanUpKeep
  • Display all of the information on a website and social media account

Project Website: https://taylormeckes.com/oceanupkeep/

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