Skylar Chadwick

My intention for this project is to create a story and take it through several stages of ‘pre-production’, more specifically, I would like to present every step of planning that is necessary to creating a good animation, leading up to the actual animation of the story. I plan on doing this by using several different measures. Including: Detailed storytelling and character creation, story boarding, concept art and the creation of animatics for key scenes. 

I created this story in an attempt express the disparity between gender norms and what we are capable of when we are not constrained by those roles. The mother at the beginning feels an obligation she should not have to, even when the father is not complaining or asking for another offspring. The attempt to conform to these norms’ manifests into something inherently evil, and she is killed in the process. When I wrote that the mother dies here, I was thinking a lot about how women died attempting to have children at an old age because they were trying to have a son. So, I decided to have the mother die in a similar way in this story. I then show the father about to be killed, completely oblivious and unexpecting, in fact he is sleeping here. I wanted this to be an example of a man that is oblivious to the burden that is carried by his partner.  

Finally, I have the daughter act as the one who defeated the evil. I really wanted the daughter to save the day to express her breaking her assigned role. She is the one that senses the evil, she is also the one that is ready to defend herself and her family as she is prepared with a weapon. I also show her working in the field with her father to express that she could’ve been filling this role all along, without ever bringing an evil into their home or losing a family member.  

Project Brief:

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