Kira Eagon

Beyond Soundx

Access to Music for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing People at the Wilson Center at Cape Fear Community College

If a Deaf/HOH patron were to attend a symphony or any music event that is non-lyrical, the options for accommodating someone would be somewhat limited. For this reason, my idea is to create a wristband, that can take in music and convert the sound to vibrations and flashes of color based on the pitch of the music. This is a way of making music more accessible to Deaf/HOH people regardless of the music being non-lyrical. 

The invention of a wristband capable of taking in audio then converting the sound to vibrations and flashes of color will serve a new purpose by enabling Deaf/HOH patrons to experience non-lyrical music, haptically, and visually. The user will be able to feel and see the music as its being played in real-time. As a result of creating this device, music will be more accessible to the Deaf/HOH population. 

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